Dear Climbing Friends,

Where yesterday was a harsh day, today was the best day we had so far. Good weather conditions as in sunshine and a small breeze, which made the circumstances to climb in very pleasant. Besides that every climber, it doesn’t matter if he is new to the rocks or she’s a Siurana veteran, gets surprised time after time by how beautiful the newly discovered lines here can be.

Although this is an exciting and fun training camp, it is also a hard training camp. Yesterday we noticed that everyone was getting a bit tired, so we decided to have one hour more of sleep today.

Yesterday, we had a small accident, also due to fatigue and diminished attention, which luckily didn’t turn out too bad. So today we took the opportunity to talk about climbing and safety. People look up at our athletes and what they are able to achieve, but as mentioned in Spiderman (also a good climber): with great power comes great responsibility.

First and most important aspect is the di

We mentioned things like assessing the risk of the situation you are in, partner check, keep focus and attention on what your climber or belayer is doing and know your own limits. Our athletes understood and we saw everyone taking their responsibility as a role model. We hope this inspires everyone around us to do the same and lower the risk we all face in our fantastic sport.

Tomorrow we will have a welcome second day of rest. We already know what activities are provided by the Catalan Tourist Board and the Costa Daurada Tourism Board, but you will have to follow our adventures on this blog and our facebook.

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Yet again thanks to Michaël and Eddie for the pictures of today


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