TC LEAD 03-04/03/2017 – THE END?!?

Dear Climbing Friends,

Yesterday, Saturday, I didn’t have time to make this final post. We ended this amazing week with a quiz provided by Tijl. It does give me the opportunity to make a two day post.

Yesterday started bad, it had been raining all night and everything was wet. We still went to the rocks at 9am but even there it was wet, cold, windy, chilly… So we decided to visit the Siurana village on top of the mountain. It is a very nice, very authentic village which sends you back to the past. At the very end of the mountain we had a view on Sierra de Montsant covered in snow. Of course we have a pictures.

After an hour the strong wind became less hard and we decided to move to the zone of Can Melafots, which was in plain sun, not a lot of wind and as dry as it could be, taking into account the rain of the past night. Because it was the final day some wanted to finish their project at El Pati and we split up the group. For most it was an easy going day, with some climbing, but most of all enjoying the last sun before returning to rainy Belgium.

In the evening we did a quiz about general knowledge, sports, climbing and things we learned about Catalonia during our visits. Besides that some nice “Do-challenges”. It doesn’t really matter who won. All had lots of fun until late…

So if you ask me now: “Is this the end?”, I will honestly have to tell you: “No”. We have made an amazing start of the season. I can’t wait for the competitions to begin.

Before we close this blog until the next big activity with the Belgian Climbing Team, I want to thank some people who made all this possible:

Last but not least, you, our readers. Without you this would just be a weird diary…


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